Cancellation & Refund Policy

At Codeclar Information Technology Services, we have full trust in our differed scope of e-business services. We investigate every possibility in giving our respected clients quick, solid, dependable and outstanding assistance ensure each time in time we work with them.

Cancellation And Refund Policy

Codeclar Information Technology Services strives to provide the finest quality services for our clients across the world. Kindly read and ensure you completely understand our refund policy preceding making an installment (PAYMENT).

Cancellation Policy

All types of cancellations request should be sent to our billing and records office through phone or email. The cancellation request won't be counted viable until and unless if it is appropriately confirmed and you get a confirmation answer by the related sector. The confirmation email we send you in answer can work as the evidence of canceling the service. The cancellation requests might be considered or engaged if it is made inside 12 hours of submitting the request to us.

Cancellation & Refund

Codeclar works as a business and we hope CLIENTS should understand and respect our cancellation & return policies. Our objective as a web & digital marketing agency is to bring the most noteworthy value per dollar spent by our CLIENTS, and to help us in that pursuit, we need to take care of expenses and fuel our PROJECTS. Consequently, we expect installments (PAYMENTS) to be made on-time in regard to the services provided to CLIENT.
All the services accessible at Codeclar website are done for the clients after exclusive project examination utilizing a total extension report. It guarantees full comprehension of the work and basically no prospects of any project (task) cancellation, reversal or debate. In any case, any refund and service cancellation is occurred standing a bunch of conditions.

Web Development

A web design and development project need wide assets, consumes our time and sustains internal costs. Accordingly once a payment or deposit is made, it is non-refundable. If a project gets cancelled or delayed by the CLIENT, then all worthies paid will be held by CODECLAR and if acceptable, an extra expense will be charged to the CLIENT for all work finished beyond what was already paid for. No exemptions.

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, & Internet Marketing

Payments for Search Engine Optimization, Website Optimization, Social Media Marketing or any of our digital advertising services are non-refundable even if an amount was paid in advance. Once a payment or deposit is made, there are no exceptions to our refund policy.

Diverse Situations for Cancellation and Refund

  • No cancellation is possible for the services provided with limited time discounts on special events, such as Independence Day, Diwali, Christmas and New Year. These are restricted version offers and thus any scope of refund would not be conceivable.
  • We do not give any refunds on payments and deposits for the project that are abandoned or lay latent for over 30 days.
  • No refund will be engaged for the work that has just finished, as a few assets are associated with the fruition of each achievement.
  • No refund will be presented in defense of any deferral or disturbance in services happen because of progress in the extension or example of work during or mid of development stage or any third party association.
  • The client should agree that refund will not be engaged in case the cancellation is mentioned after the launch (dispatched) of the project.

Codeclar Information Technology claims all authority to make any revision in the cancellation and refund policy with no earlier information or notice to the customers. Consequently, it is encouraged to be refreshed with our cancellation and refund policy.

If there should arise an occurrence of any argument and disagreement, Codeclar maintains all authority to settle on an ultimate choice.