Compelling Reasons To Choose CodeIgniter Framework For Your Next Web Development Application Project

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When PHP based applications are made there will be required for PHP programming and PHP Coding. With CodeIgniter or CI, life will turn out to be very simple. CodeIgniter is an open source system thus the tasks are very simple to perform.

CodeIgniter Framework is more fruitful than other PHP Frameworks. The best thing about CI is that, at each stage testing the framework will be conceivable. This will assist you with understanding the things concerning how useful the task is and what changes are needed to be made.

In this article we will reveal to you why CodeIgniter is the most adored frameworks in the realm of designers as well as in the worldwide business universe.

What Is CodeIgniter Framework?

CodeIgniter is a free, open-source, dependable and object-oriented PHP framework that furnishes a prepared to-use library with a couple of PHP applications. It is seen as maybe the most notable MVC frameworks similar to utilize. It also gives out of the holder libraries primarily to connect with the database and embrace various errands.

A CodeIgniter development service depends vigorously on this structure since it is a savvy and trouble-free system to fabricate applications. It is a lightweight framework with a little impression that can be introduced just by transferring it straightforwardly to your web hosting.

CodeIgniter is conceivably the most utilized PHP systems for web development purposes. PHP is a programming language that has acquired a gigantic measure of notoriety in current years. According to a study research, PHP is introduced to more than 2,500,000 web servers around the globe, and at least 378 million applications run on them.

How Does CodeIgniter Framework Work?

CodeIgniter depends on the Model-View-controller framework. When the user needs an asset, the controller reacts first. The controller then peruses the request, gets it and cycles the request with the essential information. CI is the best one for growing completely functional PHP site.

Compelling 19 top reasons Of CodeIgniter Framework development Services-

Here are the reasons why CodeIgniter is preferred than other custom PHP frameworks:

1. Open-source platform

CodeIgniter PHP framework is an open-source website development framework that works on the tasks of development and programming.

2. Reliable and Long Lasting Framework

CI has features that settle on it ultimate decision for experienced PHP developers to fabricate PHP based website.

 3. Light Weight & Efficient

It is one and only web development framework with tiny footprint and light profundity, which guarantees writing code without no swells.

4. Speedy Execution Time

Fast execution time is one of the most valuable facts of using CodeIgniter framework. To the extent usage speed goes, no other construction has yet had the option to coordinate the speed of CodeIgniter.

 5. Build-in Security

“CodeIgniter is genuinely prohibitive in regard to what characters it permits in your URI strings to help limit the possibility that noxious information can be passed to your application.” The achievement of your business immensely relies upon how secure your organization site is. CodeIgniter, with the assistance of its security highlights, helpsweb developers with composing secure PHP applications. It can rapidly manage warnings such as cross-site scripting assaults, remote code execution, and SQL infusion. Notwithstanding all these, CodeIgniter’s treat unscrambling and encryption highlights improve the cycle of item development. Security works in CI are in-built that helpsPHP developers to keep data private and support better working.

6. Plane Integration with Database

CodeIgniter, by default, offers help for databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. It does not have support for outsider (3rd party) databases.

7. Built-in libraries

It has a set of predefined libraries making it robust and prominent for web development. Logical structure is available to access library. CodeIgniter has built-in completely stacked libraries that provide a plenty of web tasks like structure validation, database, email sending, and so on. Different highlights are:

  • Security and XSS Filtering
  • Confinement Localization
  • Fault logging
  • File uploading, record transferring, pagination, session management, data encryption
  • Zip encoding class
  • Adaptable URI Routing
  • Complete page caching

8. Cultivates Search Engine friendly URLs

An incredible component of CodeIgniter is that it uses a fragment based methodology contrasted with the standard inquiry based methodology. This is the reason they are SEO friendly and also clean to utilize.

9. Free to utilize

It is an MIT authorized web development framework hence free to utilize.

10. Follow MVC pattern

It utilizes MVC that separates rationale (logic) and introduction modules. This framework underpins MVC design that helps devoted PHP specialists to finish the site development web projects.

11. Customer Friendly Interface

Worked with easy to understand interface, it helps web developers to do coding with no pointless intricacy found in other PHP structures.

12. Less Coding Need

CodeIgniter framework has less coding need to offer custom CodeIgniter development services in India to organizations.

13. No PHP Version Concern

Every function in CodeIgniter covering which helps PHP developers to not consider the contention of the most recent PHP version.

14. Easy Error Handling

For web designers & developers, it is a major worry to deal with the mistakes and run the code immaculately. CodeIgniter can deal with mistakes without any problem.

15. Simple Template Solutions

It helps to create web projects without speculation much on web design.

16. Community Support

Any CodeIgniter developer can join a remarkable local area and get uphold from it. Website specialists share their insight to determine the issue.

17. Clear, Neat, Smooth and Precise Documentation

CI documents can very well be considered as at any rate multiple times in a way that is better than those of other PHP systems. It comes with a nitty-gritty and extensive documentation stream that permits its clients to create applications better.

 18. Easy to Learn

It requires far less time to learn CodeIgniter, contrasted with the wide range of various PHP structures. In addition to that, your website developer will type less while utilizing this system, which constantly implies that the odds of mistakes are less, which truly decreases the time spent in debugging.


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